DSW.com  VS  6pm.com, which has better deals? I saved $36.88 from one of these sites, keep reading to find out!


 I was shopping for some sandals and I had a few extra minutes so I decided to check out some other online retailers and I wanted to share the little treasures I found with you. Sometimes we get so carried away by the sight of a beautiful item, especially from a retailer that brought us impressive stuff in the past we forget about the $$$ we can save if we just expended a little extra time. And that is exactly what I did and I saved in on a whopping $36.88!! It’s unbelievable.  I must say however that the prices on 6pm fluctuate based on the day, week, or month so it’s all about having a good eye for your favorites, but I’ll keep posting my finds. Enjoy! 

   DSW.com have these little babies for $99.95 while 6pm.com has the exact same sandals for $77.99 today. 


     DSW $29.95 (In silver and black )
 6pm.com $24.99 ( in gold and silver) 

   Mira floral at DSW for $ 59.95 

Or get it at 6pm.com for $49.99 ( in floral, yellow snake and black & white) 





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