Our world 

This is what I want to exude as a person n if I can find a few others with this same mentality or at least half of it I’d like to be friends with them. The bible said in 2 Timothy 3 that men will be lovers of themselves, boastful, haughty, self assuming and so many other traits that people are portraying. The same book no one wants to read got the majority of the world down to a t when it comes to their behavior. I wish I could just be amongst ppl that are true in every way. What’s gonna happen by the year 2077, if ppl keep going like this, people of the future will be horrible. I’ll be 85 and knew worst times were comin. I refuse to contribute to making our world a worst place. All ppl care about is becoming rich haha, the higher percentage of the population will always have less than desired. 

So y everybody don’t just stop fronting about all what they have and just try to be better cuz it’s for them, for the ppl they love n not for the world to c or to keep up with the jones as it were. 

Greed sucks all the joy out off life, greed has literally painted over the definition of ambition. So ppl think just wanting more n more is ambitious but it’s actually called being greedy.

I need to do something, I need to put my needle in the haystack of ideas that help make the world a better place. I must.

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